[ntp:questions] Issues trying to sync to NIST public servers

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Yes, this is a common PITA. FINRA and/or SEC getting onto you? They are still "defining" the regulation, but the current idea is rather silly. Many of the NIST servers are run out of the University of Colorado and are single home with CenturyLink. Congestion and/or other network issues causes false alarms all the time.

IMHO, if FINRA is going to require something like that, then NIST should provide hardened NTP/PTP services at major peering/colocation facilities.

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We're having issues syncing to all nist servers:

But are easily able to sync to time.google.com and pool.ntp.org.

ntpq -p shows reach numbers that clearly indicate intermittent failures (even numbers etc) when going against any nist server (including time.nist.gov, but zero failures and almost immediate reach of 377 when syncing to pool.ntp.org or time.google.com.

Unfortunately, government regulations require us to sync to a public NIST server.  Any ideas?

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