[ntp:questions] Time server question

Chris xxx.syseng.yyy at gfsys.co.uk
Sat Jul 20 13:44:25 UTC 2019

On 07/19/19 21:47, William Unruh wrote:

> No. The mechanism is clear. While one is answering its interrupt the
> other gets to wait. So, it is the earliest one that is closest to
> "right" Ie, do not try to use more than one interrupt on the same
> computer. It does not work

I think we are at cross purposes here. What i'm saying is that if there
are 2 sources of pps signals, say from 2 time servers, there will be a
slight offset between the two, so how to determine which is the accurate 
one ?. With 3 or more pps sources, those with the least offset
could be chosen for analysis, to find a median value.

Of course, host processing must introduce uncertainty, but would assume
that ntp is designed to mitigate that ?.


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