[ntp:questions] Time server question

Chris xxx.syseng.yyy at gfsys.co.uk
Thu Jun 20 22:39:03 UTC 2019

Have a couple of surplus gps based ntp servers that have been
used for time sync in the lab for few years. They are on a UPS
with several hours backup and seems like a good idea  to use
them to contribute to the ntp global network.

Don't want to expose them directly to the net, so plan to
isolate them, either via a Solaris zone or
FreeBSD jail. This will have 2 network interfaces, ntp subnet
facing and the other to internet via the firewall. The ntp
side will run ntp client, internet side runs ntp server.

Question is, will such an intermediate machine degrade the
time served, or will it still be reported as a stratum 1
source. Seems a waste otherwise.

ntpq -p currently reports:

remote      refid  st t when poll reach delay   offset   disp
*chronos   .GPS.   1 u   23   64  377   0.18   -0.018    0.03
+nts100    .GPS.   1 u   21   64  377   0.46   -0.071    0.08



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