[ntp:questions] NTP using server IPV6 address instead of IPV4

Dan Drown dan-ntp at drown.org
Thu Mar 28 20:48:23 UTC 2019

Quoting "Potter, Timothy           CCS" <Timothy.Potter at kiddeus.com>:
> I have a laptop running a version of Linux ( 3.12 ). I have ntpd  
> installed and configured to sync with time.google.com. The problem I  
> am having is if I am plugged into a network that only provides an  
> IPV4 address, ntp's dns is using the ipv6 address:
> Now, if I force ntpd to use only ipv4 DNS with the -4 option,  
> everything works fine
> But I don't want to do this because if I go to a network that only  
> gives ipv6 addresses this will fail. Is there a way to configure ntp  
> to only use ipv4 ( or ipv6 ) if my interface actually has an ip  
> address in that family?

What about using the pool option instead of the server option for the  
time.google.com hostname?

ntpd will automatically replace sources that it can't reach.

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