[ntp:questions] Refclock Oncore Driver Change

Chris Adams cmadams at cmadams.net
Thu May 9 03:24:17 UTC 2019

Once upon a time, Terje Mathisen  <terje.mathisen at tmsw.no> said:
>Having a known minimum date would be fine, the modification time of 
>ntp.conf could be used, or as you suggest, a new generic "epoch-start 
>yyyy-mm-dd" option in the conf file.

I looked at the code before the GPS week roll-over, and there were a
couple of places it was handled by comparing to the compilation date of
ntpd (which seems a reasonable automatic check, since somebody using a
20-year-old copy of ntpd is probably not worth supporting).

Ideally, this should all be standardized and handled in one place,
rather than in each refclock driver.
Chris Adams <cmadams at cmadams.net>

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