[ntp:questions] [Embedded system] Synchronization between two nodes

Samuel-EXT, Jeremie jeremie.samuel-ext at continental-corporation.com
Tue May 14 09:36:39 UTC 2019


I work on an embedded product that is composed by two Linux nodes connected by Ethernet. Let’s call them Node A and Node B.

Node A has an RTC while Node B has not. So at the boot, Node B time is completely wrong.
Node B can get an GPS time.

The need is to have the two nodes synchronized during all the product lifecycle:

  *   At the boot, Node B needs to be sync to the Node A’s RTC until it gets the GPS time
     *   At this time, I try to use ntpdate on Node B to get Node A’s time but it takes a lot of time (several minutes) until Node A stratum is set to another value than 16.
  *   When the GPS time is getted, both nodes need to be synced on the GPS time as soon as possible.
     *   When the GPS time is gotten on Node B, is it possible to force the Node A’s system time to the Node B time without killing ntpd?

Thanks for your help

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