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ah at avtodoria.ru ah at avtodoria.ru
Fri Jun 5 07:36:37 UTC 2020

пятница, 5 июня 2020 г., 10:04:44 UTC+3 пользователь William Unruh написал:
> On 2020-06-05, ah at avtodoria.ru <ah at avtodoria.ru> wrote:
> >> This sounds more like bit errors in serial reception.
> >> ( i.e errors coming up in all magnitudes.)
> >
> >> That is reception via NMEA?
> >> do you check the NMEA checksum ( Portion after * afair)?
> >
> > Thank you for response. Yes, that is reception via NMEA. No i didn't check checksum, i think gpsd should check it, am i wrong?
> >
> > I just write to log data from SHM when it's all OK. And try to use this correct log after some time to make ntpd change the time. If you think i do something not correct please tell me, i'll try to do something else
> >
> You are tracking the wrong problem. The problem is NOT ntpd. The problem
> is the time you are getting from gps/gpsd/shm. That is where you should
> be looking, not ntpd. ntd has been used for about 40 years now. It
> works. Similarly gpsd. Your boss is telling you to fix something that is
> not broken, wasting whatever salary they are paying you. Do they really
> have solittle for you to do that is useful?
> You have not told us what operating system you are using. Or anything
> about your systems, except some are old (3mo?, 3yr? 10 yr? 30 yr?)

No-no-no... i didn't tell ntpd or gpsd are wrong.. Sorry, if i said something like that, i have no enough practice in english communication to be confident i make right language constructions :)

I agree with you receivers are bad, i agree they receive wrong data or there are some problem in serial port or smth else

But. What i want to say is that this wrong situations make ntpd to do some changes to system time. And i want to simulate that situation. That's all. 

My system is ALT Linux 6.0.0 Centaurus  (Cheiron), 4.4.135-std-pae-alt1

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