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Yo Steven!

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> Sounds sort of plausible.  However if the GPS doesn't have the
> almanac, how can it get a fix?

A GPS never uses the Almanac to compute a fix.  A GPS uses the
Ephemeris to compute a fix.  Each satellite sends its own
Ephemeris every 30 seconds.  The Almanac is a reduced precision
ephemeris only used to decide what sats should be in use.

If you have a receiver that can receive many satellites at once then
the Almanc is not needed at atll.  But there are other things int
subframe messages of use.

> If this is a known issue, shouldn't
> the GPS delay sending validity="A" or otherwise signal that the UTC
> offset may be incorrect?

Most do not.

> This should be reproducible, correct?

Yes, depending on the receiver model, very repeatable.

> What kind of reset will cause
> the GPS to lose the almanac information?

Depends on the receiver type, and if/where is stores the current GPS-UTC
offset.  Some GPS have no power down storage, some have battery backed
ram (BBR) and some have FLASH.

> Many Rpi boards have
> batteries or supercaps for power backup.

Yup, but if the receiver is powered down long enough, the stored
GPS-UTC offset will become out of data.

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