[ntp:questions] Performance estimation

Miroslav Lichvar mlichvar at redhat.com
Mon Jun 15 15:10:47 UTC 2020

On 2020-06-15, David Taylor <david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid> wrote:
> [Been trying to send through e-mail to ntp-questions, but anything I 
> send gets rejected!]

The news<->mail gateway has been broken for a very long time, e.g.
responses to the mailing list are not getting back to the original
posters in the ntp group, so maybe it would be better to turn it off and
ask people to subscribe to both if interested.

> The lightly-loaded Raspberry Pi cards are all showing low numbers of 
> jitter, and it would be really useful to get that in more than three 
> decimal places of milliseconds.

You would probably need to patch ntpd to report the values in a better

Miroslav Lichvar

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