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From: Sadique Urf Arbaz Sayyed

We started with a brand new windows server 2019 datacenter edition and
installed an infrastructure monitoring agent on it and strictly no other
program. The machine had 8 GB of memory. As part of monitoring NTP offset
from sync'd host we scheduled a ntpqexe. The problem started after 4-5 days,
the memory utilisation had increased to significant level >80%. On analysis
we found it was a gradual increase and using RAMMAP we saw every time the
ntpq.exe will run it will leave behind 24k of memory in PAGE Table with 0 B
in Private. Moreover this issue is specific to windows server 2019 we tried
following same steps on windows server 2012 machine and it worked perfectly
fine with no memory creeping issues.

Any help or pointer are appreciated

Thanks for your report.

On a newly installed PC running Windows-10 Pro, using standard NTP I see a
loss of "Available" memory of about 16 kB per ntpq invocation.

Numbers: running ntpq in a Perl script.  This Perl script is called (with
different parameters) four times for each node.  I'm monitoring ~25 nodes,
so that's about 100 calls for each MRTG check, which is every five minutes,
making 28,800 calls per day.  Loss (by visual inspection) is 8 GB in 17
days.  So approximately 16 kB per ntpq invocation.

From other monitoring, ntpd is completely constant in memory usage (35-40

I'll see whether entering an NTP bug still works....it does so I'll add
evidence to your 3695.

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