[ntp:questions] Score for "same" server different

Chris john at nospam.com
Thu Jan 14 15:46:29 UTC 2021

On 01/14/21 12:15, Gerd Hoerst wrote:
> Hi !
> I jioned the pool days ago with 2 Servers (1 with IPv4 and 1 with IPv6) its from the source (and hardware) the same server (it get the time from 4 serverws with 2x GPS+PPS and 2xDCF77 Receivers)
> But when i watch the score IPv6 side show delay around 4 msand  score of but the IPv4 side shows a delay around 2 ms and the score rises up close to 20.0 and then drops below 10... during 1 day 2 time (or so)
> How can that happen because the server is the same (it has an IPv4 and an IPv6 address)
> Kind Regards Gerd

The monitoring system has been broken for a long time and can not be
taken seriously.  I joined the pool recently and score is all over the
place, with regular emails telling me the server cannot be reached,
while at the same time, getting hundreds of a hits a minute in some
cases and a server uptime of months with no break.

There is also a prototype monitor site with < 1 monitor system, but
that produces even weirder results, from tests done here.

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