[ntp:questions] [External] : Best method to measure NTP performance/drift. Loopstats or Peerstats

Fabbri, Tommaso CMRE Tommaso.Fabbri at cmre.nato.int
Fri Jan 29 17:09:54 UTC 2021

Ciao Brian,

thank you so much for helping. 

In my previous question, with "same data" I mean same value of offset and jitter at the particular time. 

> If there hasn't been a triggering event like a new packet arriving, then the data hasn't changed so there is not much point in writing more data log lines.  You could certainly use ntpq (ntpdc is deprecated) but the data would be the same each time until something  changed.

To increase the frequency of triggering events, one solution could be to decrease the value of minpoll and maxpoll to minimum value (3?) which means a new message every 8 seconds? 
Thank you so much, 


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