[ntp:commitlogs] incoming pull in deacon.udel.edu:/deacon/backroom/ntp-dev

Harlan Stenn stenn at deacon.udel.edu
Sun Jan 2 06:19:10 UTC 2011

VAR       CLIENT              SERVER              
===       ======              ======              
USER      stenn               stenn               
HOST      deacon.udel.edu     psp-deb1.ntp.org    
ROOT      /deacon/backroom/ntp-dev/home/hart/ntp-dev-strcpy
LEVEL     1                   1                   
TIME_T    1292510795          1290142505          
UTC       20101216144635      20101119045505      
VERSION   bk-5.1              bk-5.0.2            

stenn at deacon.udel.edu fired the post-incoming--012commitlogs trigger in /deacon/backroom/ntp-dev
    Received the following changesets
    ChangeSet at 1.2407, 2011-01-02 06:15:33+00:00, davehart at shiny.ad.hartbrothers.com
      ChangeLog was omitted accidentally from last cset
      ChangeLog at 1.748 +3 -0
        Remove nearly all strcpy() and most strcat() from NTP distribution.
          One major pocket remains in ntp_crypto.c.  libopts & libisc also have
          (safe) uses of strcpy() and strcat() remaining.

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