[ntp-GSoC] [NTP-GSoC] i18n, weekly report #7

Eric madmorn at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 16:23:22 UTC 2011

Hi, Bruce and Harlan:
  sorry for this late report :(
  this is a long mail, here is a simple index:

        * files (tpl files and others) description;
        * NOTE about the problems in generated manual;
        * some thing Harlan may be interested in :)
        * following work plan

  the documents' i18n and Chinese l10n work is nearly done, and all
related files are on psp-* box now( ~feng/ntp-dev-latest/i18n), and here
is a short description about them:
        update the translation files from .def files
        generate manual for all available localized languages

        this dir contains all modified .tpl files used by NTP and some
        new .tpl files used by autogen i18n work. although these templates
        are written for NTP i18n work, but they are general and can be used
        with all other projects using autogen.

        this dir contains autogen templates' localization info such the
        file and translated .po file.

        all manuals would be generated here, the file name pattern is:

        this dir contains all localization files for NTP manual, the .po
        their corresponding .pot files (translation template) are generated
        from .def files using the new template def2pot.tpl and autogen.

        files in this dir have the name pattern:

        this dir will be used by the program i18n work in the future :)

        this executable tool is from gettext-util, is used in Makefile.
    1. as the project's latest release requires autogen 5.12 and only
have this latest version installed, but gettext in sunos has different
with others, so you will see the generating process works very well, but
are some mistakes in the result file, take a look at this problem:
     gettext "hello\\nworld"
  should output "hello\nworld", and it does in FreeBSD and Linux, but in
the result is (no leading space):

  so you will see the special characters are not escaped in the result

for Harlan:
   1. to integrate the i18n work into project, just put the i18n dir under
the ntp-dev,
as the program i18n work has not been done, I suggest we do that after
the whole work.

   2. the Makefile in i18n isn't complete, like lack conditional control and
section, I will add them after finishing the program i18n work, I have to
learn from
you about the loc install mechanisms then :)

   3. three big strings(several hundreds line) in the .def files are not
completely, I will do it gradually, it's just upset to translate ONE string
in a whole
day, and we'd better break them to small pieces, or the translators would
away from them :)

following work:
    I will switch to program i18n work in tomorrow,  and I'd like to
localize the usage
info in program and some executing output, but keep the ntp kernel or the
in ASCII or English, is that OK?

best *wishes, Eric*

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