[ntp-GSoC] [NTP-i18n] Final report

Eric madmorn at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 13:59:06 UTC 2011

Hi Bruce and Harlan:
  Here is a summery of my work done in the past two weeks:
    * a tiny-gettext library has been finished and tested;
    * the program i18n work, all utilties could show localized
usage information if given .pot file are translated, the current
supported one is Simplified Chinese (translated by me). all
these suggest that the tiny-gettext library works well;

  there are two main parts need to be done for NTP:
     1. deep program i18n work, which means all program output
might be localized, we havn't aggreed on this l10n scope (e.g.
does the log/command/option need to be translated?)
     2. localization work, get NTP localized in other languages

  I'll keep going after the final report, finish part 1 and organize
part 2;

best *wishes, Eric*

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