[ntp-GSoC] GSoC progress

Parth Laxmikant Kolekar parth.kolekar at students.iiit.ac.in
Tue Jun 2 13:34:01 UTC 2015


> 1. Are you able to work on your respective  projects?
Yes, there are no snags hit yet, and looking at how things have been, I 
don't foresee anything anytime soon.
> 2. If you are having any problems or can think of something that will 
> help ?
No, none. I will ping for any and all problems I hit in anytime in the 
> 3 .Are all of your project pages on our wiki filled in with vacation 
> times, etc?
> We want weekly report of your work each Saturday(starting from 6th , 
> 13th , 20 th etc.) .
I did fill up my vacation times on the wiki page.
> .These could be check boxes on the table calendar on your respective 
> wiki pages.
If you would not mind, could I do a completion log instead? i.e. the 
calender updated weekly with the things completed in the previous week.

If there is anything expected / required from me, please do notify me 
for the same.

Also, the email I check most regularly is 
"parth.kolekar at students.iiit.ac.in". This is the email in the lists as 
well. My email management consists of a maze of filters which duplicate 
and move messages here and there and in multiple folders. It is a crazy 
combination, and I am not even sure if I can manage to replicate the 
setup in Gmail.

Parth Laxmikant Kolekar

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