[ntp-GSoC] Regarding Nearest NTP server Address[GSoC]

Dp Docs sdpan21 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 09:43:25 UTC 2015

I need to connect to a NTP server for running a process for a sufficiently
long time. The process is prone to connection error i.e. if I am getting
disconnected from the server for sometime (let say 1 or 2 minutes) I need
to run all the process again. The time duration for running the process is
at least two week. Which server Address Should I choose. I have been
suggested to choose the geographically nearest server address but I am not
sure which one is? Should I connect to server mentioned on this site:
http://www.pool.ntp.org/zone/in  It is necessary to confirm it first
because I need to give the server domain name/ip address to get it
unblocked from my ISP (as the port is blocked for preventing the DDOS
attack or something)  So please clarify.
Thanks for your time.
Durgesh Pandey,

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