[ntp-GSoC] unity tests

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Sun Jun 21 00:56:38 UTC 2015


I've pulled various changes from ~viperus (which I gather includes some
changes from ~tflendrich and ~lokeshw24) and done some more cleanup.

It looks like in some of the back-and-forth some changes got lost.

Please be sure that when editing the Makefile.am's, you use tabs instead
of spaces.  A tab-stop is 8 spaces.

My current preference is that test files in a Makefile.m have the data

foo_CFLAGS= ...
foo_LDADD= ...
foo_SOURCES= ...
$(srcdir)/run-foo ...

in alphabetic order in the Makefile.

Please keep the lists of tests in alphabetic order.

Please do a "pull" from the integration area in ~stenn/ntp-stable-unity
before you finish, to make sure that you have the latest changes.

If you have any concerns about conflicts and don't want to have to worry
about possible cleanup, I recommend you:

 bk clone my-changes my-changes-save
 cd my-changes
 bk changes -Rvv ~stenn/ntp-stable-unity	# just to see
 bk pull -v ~stenn/ntp-stable-unity

make sure things still work - run "make clean distcheck"

and when you're happy, let me know I can pull.

I'd also like folks to start adding ChangeLog entries.  If you're not
using bugzilla reports, something like:

* Unity tests: tests/libntp: bar3.c, foo1.c - Your Name
Harlan Stenn <stenn at ntp.org>
http://networktimefoundation.org  - be a member!

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