[ntp:hackers] [PATCH 1/11] Jupiter refclock

Harlan Stenn stenn at whimsy.udel.edu
Thu Jun 26 03:04:22 PDT 2003


I have had several Interesting problems trying to pull changes from
ntp-stable to ntp-dev.

I will give it a try, however.

There's no need to do the bugzilla thing, especially since I already
have the patches in email.

I asked for bugzilla because some folks who submit patches are not on
hackers@, and generally people don't post patches there.

Perhaps I should move the patch notes from README.hackers to
README.patches .

And bk is pretty easy, but I understand your wanting to avoid the new tool.

If I have difficulty I'll let you know.

> >I can try  apply what you sent, or if it's not too much trouble the
> >preferred procedure is described in README.hackers .
> Oh, that file did not contain anything but coding style notes, but
> when I checked a freshly downloaded version there were some notes.
> Strange. Anyway, I'm not too keen on learning bitkeeper just for
> this.
> So in my case, was I supposed to have created a bug in bugzilla
> and then added the 11 patches to that bug?
> >Be advised that if I apply your patches you will get my commit log
> >messages!
> Ok, great. If it's easier I can redo the diffs some other way, just
> tell me how...
> And I forgot to mention that the patches are for 4.1.1c-rc3, but
> should be quite easy to move to 4.1.8*.
> /Peter

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