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Brad Knowles knowles at ntp.org
Thu Jun 26 18:43:33 PDT 2003

At 1:17 AM +0000 2003/06/27, David L. Mills wrote:

>  I've lost track of the pool.ntp.org guys and the various scripts and
>  pearls of perl. This stuff should be on/linked at the web page. A useful
>  project would be to collect these tools on maccarony and build a web
>  tool to use them. This should be widely distributed via newsgroups and
>  especially to developers. Lots of stuff has already been done; the stuff
>  should be collected and made conveniently available.

	We're working on it.  Adrian von Bidder has his main website at 
<http://fortytwo.ch/time/>, but now that he's back from vacation, he 
quickly created his TWiki registration at 
<http://twiki.ntp.org/bin/view/Main/AdrianVonBidder>, and is working 
on the topic at <http://twiki.ntp.org/bin/view/Main/PoolNtpOrg>.

	My personal opinion is that any and all feedback and assistance 
would be appreciated, especially from people who can help work the 
information that is currently available into a format that is more 
easily useable.

	Also keep in mind that we need to work on updating documentation 
that is maintained by other projects, such as the page that Aviram 
Alkalay <aviram at br.ibm.com> has at 
and which is fed into the Linux Documentation Project.  As such, most 
Linux users around the world will see his documentation and most 
likely will not see any other.

	We're in the process now of putting together some suggested 
improvements and updates to this documentation and feeding that back 
to Avi, so he can make the changes and get that fed back into the LDP.

	The issue is not that Avi's documentation is necessarily "bad", 
but that it is static and I think it's designed around NTPv3, and I 
fear that people might tend to mis-interpret it.  That sort of thing 
could lead to Linux-based distributions and embedded devices around 
the world being shipped with bogus configurations.

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