[ntp:hackers] Backroom status

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sun Nov 2 22:21:12 PST 2003


This may affect nobody but Harlan, but Danny and John and maybe others
may have a stake.

1. The power wiring has been replaced and upgraded after 17 years of
growing barnacles. It was a truly archeologic dig to find dozens of
wires that went nowhere. A third UPS has been installed, making the
total of 3200 VA for all eight computers, as well as three radio clocks
and all the network gear. All this due to the lessons of the Bolt,
Isabel and frequent power glitches and outages that happen here.

2. The network has been upgraded with 100-Mb/s Ethernet switches and
media converters. All three offices are connected with fiber and wi-fi,
not copper.

3. The NFS/NIS server whimsy has been upgraded to two processors and
almost a gigabyte of RAM and banished to the basement to further shield
from Bolts.

4. The Exabyte amanda does a level-0 dump on a weekly basis. If I get
ambitious, there is another DAT tape that could do daily incremental
dumps. This is even more agressive than the campus flock.

I don't know if anybody has ambitious plans to use the backroom for
tests, but dammit, the backroom is thus declared safe against lighting,
hurricanes and related acts of God.


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