[ntp:hackers] Driver interface change

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Wed Dec 1 06:56:18 PST 2004

> Brad Knowles wrote:

actually it was me, brad just had to fwd it.

> []
> > if we publish NTP software packages without unix-style man pages,
> > vendors will pull the old ones forward and possibly edit them to show
> > modern syntax. in other words, our choice here is not whether man
> > pages will be published, but rather, whether there will be an
> > implicit code fork required to produce that result.  the thrill of
> > publishing open source software is that once you've done it, you're
> > only half "author", and the other half is "custodian".
> []
> Speaking as a non-UNIX user I don't care for "man" pages, they have no
> place on my system, and I wouldn't know what to do with them to be
> honest. I want my documentation in HTML preferably both on the Web for an
> up-to-date public version, and on my own system in a tree of HTML files
> which describe the exact commands of the version of NTP that I have on my
> own system (which may not be the latest release).

understood.  a lot of unix/linux/opensource users do the same thing.

> What the master source is for these HTML files is I don't care (probably),
> and whether or not man pages exist I don't care either, but I do want my
> HTML and I want it well cross-linked and easily readable, and not an
> abomination from an automatic conversion tool.
> Can you rise to that challenge?

that was part of the proposal you were replying to, so yes, i think we can.

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