[ntp:hackers] OT: Unix (An interview with Wietse Venema)

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec at ijs.si
Wed Dec 1 16:06:06 PST 2004

Sorry folks for the following off-topic pearl, I just couldn't keep it to 
myself. Knowing about the history of ntp issues with Linux kernel,
I think Dave and probably others will find it amusing if not educational.
(Btw, Wietse Venema is the author of a well-respected and popular
Unix mailer)


Subject: Re: An interview with Wietse Venema
Date: Wednesday December 1 2004 19:07
From: Victor Duchovni <Victor.Duchovni at morganstanley.com>
To: postfix-users at postfix.org

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 02:29:28PM -0300, jcarminati at pluspetrol.com.ar wrote:
> I hope you find this interesting, I found a link to a recent interview
> made to Wietse.
> http://www.linuxit.com.br/section-viewarticle-700.html

My favourite quote:

- What distribution do you use? Why did you choose it?

    I have been using UNIX systems since 1985, and FreeBSD since
    1993. This is UNIX software that was ported to the PC environment
    late in its life cycle. It is relatively mature compared to the
    software that was written for PCs and that looks like UNIX.

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