[ntp:hackers] Accepting time from a Windows NON-PDC server

Gernot Hillier gernot.hillier at siemens.com
Wed Dec 8 06:15:18 PST 2004


In our current project, we need to adjust time on a Linux machine from a 
Windows NON-PDC server using w32time. No, there's no possibility to use other 
NTP software on the server.

Despite all research I did, I didn't find a solution to get w32time to serve 
valid time which is accepted by ntpd/ntpdate.

Therefore, we created a small patch adding a accept-broken-times switch to 
ntpdate. I'm not sure if this is the best way to solve things or if anybody 
else will need this feature (well, to be honest, I'm convinced we're not the 
only people stumbling over this problem), but I think it can't harm to 
publish our patch for others possibly needing it.

Please find it enclosed. It applies against 4.2.0.

I didn't have time to patch ntpd so far, though, sorry...

If you like to apply this patch to mainstream source, we'd be certainly 
happy. :-)

If you decide to do, here's a suggested commit message:

gernot.hillier at siemens.com
Accept time from a non-PDC Windows machine running w32time

Any feedback appreciated - also other suggestions how to solve this problem. 

If you want me to post this patch to another list or to Bugzilla, just let me 

Bye & thanks,

Gernot Hillier
Siemens AG, Mch P

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