[ntp:hackers] PPS, PPSAPI and pps_sample()

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Dec 10 14:24:24 PST 2004


I looked further in the pps_sample() plaint reported earlier and found 
no joy at all. The pps_sample() routine is designed to work with the 
atom driver only and will fault if the atom driver is not configured. 
Only the msfees, parse and true drivers call this routine, but the 
routine does not do what the callers assume. At one time there was a 
test that checked if the atom driver was configured and if not the 
routine became a no-op. I'll put the test back in, but the drivermongers 
should understand unless the atom driver is configured and running there 
is no point calling the pps_sample() routine.

I have no idea what the parse driver is doing with the pps_sample() 
call. The revision log lists PPSAPI as implemented, so why is the 
ppsclockev structure there and why is the call to TIOCGPPSEV there?

The FIXPOLL thing I put in to freeze the poll interval at minpoll had a 
bug. Fixed. More fiddling on the WWV/H driver, which I tossed on my 
class on communication systems as a project to analyze and simulate.


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