[ntp:hackers] Atoms for peace

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Dec 11 13:18:40 PST 2004


Betcha don't know the association of the subject. It was an Eisenhower 
program designed to spread nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. 
Edward Teller gave a lecture at U Michigan that I attended in 1957. His 
proposal was to dig a second Panama Canal using nuclear explosives as 
dredging machine. Geeze, ships wouldn't need lights; the banks would 
glow in the dark.

I diddled the atom driver to use the mode keyord value as PPSAPI mode 
(decimal), which overrides flag2. Mark, have fun. I'm still diddling the 
wwv driver. Getting all the gain constants and SNR calculations 
absolutely golden is very tricky, but I have to get it right to be a 
fair grader of student projects.


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