[ntp:hackers] ACTS and atoms

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Dec 14 18:50:55 PST 2004


The ACTS connect timeout is now 20 s up from 10 s. I was trying to keep 
the entire call less than a minute in the interest of roaming laptops 
and the fact the carriers charge in 1-m increments.

Mark suggested that, if the sequence increment between PPS signals is 
not one, the sample be dropped. Good suggestion, but the sequence number 
really isn't necessary, since it's the reported seconds increment that 
matters. Also, since the poll interval does not exactly match the PPS 
interval, the two intervals will precess past each other and some polls 
will see zero, one and two PPS increments. Add to that the fact that the 
range gate code was broken and comes the updated ACTS and atom drivers 
now on the backroom.


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