[ntp:hackers] IPv4 multicasting -m command line option

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Tue Dec 14 20:00:22 PST 2004

         I got this from a user and sure enough on the ntpd.html page
the -m option is mentioned. In the code it really sets this up. I think
that this is a very bad idea at the command line level. I think it
should only go into the config file or were you thinking of some
situation where you couldn't have a config file. In that case the
address should be an argument to the option and could allow for
both IPv4 AND IPv6 addresses and you could then have multiples.


>0) I just saw this in the man page - do I need this flag, or a different
>kernel?  I'm not using the flag - relying on the ntp.conf file.
>-m      Synchronize using NTP multicast messages on  the  IP  multicast
>                group address (requires multicast kernel).

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