[ntp:hackers] FreeBSD or die

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Dec 15 19:43:07 PST 2004


Mort was a Linux. I just swept Linux away and sprinkled FreeBSD 5.3 on 
it and am delighted with the results. I brought it up, installed latest 
ntpd, rolled keys and lit it up. No fuss, no muss, even with Autokey, 
and I didn't have to download anything except NTP. This machine is to 
replace ageing rackety, an old Sun SPARC IPC. I would dearly like to 
hear advice about:

1. I need to install PPS stuff. I thought that only required a kernel 
recompile, but I can't find any reference to PPS in the kernel 
configuration file.

2. I have installed a four-port serial card (SIIG Quartet Serial Plus 
PCI) copying the configuration on albert, which currently runs Linux. 
John Conner found a driver for it, but I need a FreeBSD driver. The 5.3 
hardware release notes include some of the SIIG models, but not this 
one. I suspect one of those drivers would work. No help at the SIIG web.

3. At the moment mort mounts files okay and does NIS, but it doesn't 
find the NIS passwd maps so has only root and mills, as added by 
adduser. Could be the passwdpw file needs the +:*::::: like /etc/passwd, 
but I can't find that file.

4. I have a US Robotics 56K Faxmodem installed, intended for ACTS. It 
looks like 5.3 supports it, but not clear if PCI.

5. I plugged a jumpdrive in a USB port and darn if it didn't light up. 
Cute way to do archiving and my jumpdrive is 2 GB! Now, if I can figure 
out how it works and how to mount it and the CD drive...

6. I need to use a serial port for the console. I know you can do this, 
just need to fumble around in the faq or whatever.

Haven't had so much fun (?) since writing JCL scripts for an IBM System/360.

By the way, having apparently solved the jitter problem with refclocks 
on my Blade 1500, be advised my Arbiter GPS and PPS are really down in 
the weenieseconds, generally below 10 microseconds offset and jitter.


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