[ntp:hackers] refclock_hpgps (was goes time end-of-life)

Tim Shoppa shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Thu Dec 16 14:27:40 PST 2004

Paul wrote:
> the hp gps clock i bought off e-bay a while back claims to have a very stable
> oscillator, but even so, when ntpd learns that the gps signal has failed, it
> is going to drop out of stratum 1 (which is as it should be in my opinion.)

No, the refclock_hpgps driver doesn't pay any attention to stuff like
that (although the frequency and time figures of merit are available
nothing is done with them).  In any event, the Z3801A will be good to
within 7 microseconds after a day of no lock, more typically just
a microsecond or so.

> i surely do not like the idea of internet time depending on a sole source,
> even if that sole source wasn't in the hands of the political establishment.

As long as they don't turn off WWV *and* CHU (keeping in mind that they
are two different "theys") we might do OK.

GLONASS receivers are semi-common in the correct circles, and there'll
be GALILEO when the Europeans get moving.  Are there any refclock
sources for GLONASS receivers?


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