[ntp:hackers] loopstats log - Allan deviation truncated decimal places?

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec at ijs.si
Thu Dec 23 16:47:32 PST 2004

I noticed my recent loopstats logs show only three decimal places for the
sixth field (next to last)  in loopstats log, which when plotted, gives only a 
couple of discrete horizontal levels:

53362 86324.291 0.000999703 1.286 0.000515561 0.002 6
53362 86386.299 0.000059720 1.286 0.000648263 0.001 6
53363 103.291 0.000834551 1.292 0.000682111 0.003 6

There used to be 6 decimal places in my earlier logs,
and the web page shows example with 7 decimal places:

  Enables recording of loop filter statistics information. Each update of the
  local clock outputs a line of the following form to the file generation set
  named loopstats: 
    50935 75440.031 0.000006019 13.778190 0.000351733 0.0133806 

  (and is missing the 7th field)

I think adding back two or three decimal places makes more sense
on the plot, although I'm not arguing if these additional decimal places
may or may not be significant.


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