[ntp:hackers] Re: ntp_adjtime: ntp_loopfilter.c and ntp_request.c

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Dec 27 16:16:31 PST 2004


I've spent the day as FreeBSD warrior, but the victim is me.

I installed Freebie 5.3 on two machines, wannabee campus server model 
mort and beauregard in new iron. The latter spins half a terabyte and is 
to become an archive server for all the NTP munchkins. Both installed 
cleanly, came up on the net with NFS and NIS and the trimmings. I 
verified NFS and NIS works with no problem. I updated the group and 
passwd and master.passwd to use NIS and checked the various local 
configuration files against howland.

But, something is broken in the user creation process. I was able to 
create myself on mort, but I can't even do that on beauregard. The 
adduser program apparently creates the values and updates the passwd and 
master.passwd files, but then claims the user "was lost". The entries 
look okay, but the login fails. And, the NIS maps don't even get off the 
ground. I carefully checked passwd, master.passwd and group and they all 
look okay.

Here's what really bothers me. The howland bits are no different than 
those on mort and beauregard, but there is no master.passwd map in the 
Sun /var/yp on whimsy. Is this a 5.3 thing?

Any advice you have would of course be cherished. I have 5.3 disks for 
churchy, but my reluctant maintainer of that iron is off campus for the 


Harlan Stenn wrote:

>>I have no idea. I can't even log into churchy. It allegedly is an 
>>incomplete port of Linux, shortly to be FreeBSD.
>That works for me.

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