[ntp:hackers] Weekend error report

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sun Oct 3 11:21:26 PDT 2004

         As part of the move the hackers mailing list got moved as well.
The new address is hackers at support.ntp.org. I'm including it in this

Could you try again? If nothing else send it to me. I'd like to sort
out the issues.

At 12:53 AM 10/3/2004, David L. Mills wrote:
>I replied to the hackers list, but that list informed me I was not allowed 
>to post to that list. Mission ends.
>Danny Mayer wrote:
>>Any update on this? I'd like to figure out what's happening on bridgeport
>>at a minimum but I need some answers to the questions I asked as well.
>>At 12:37 AM 9/27/2004, Danny Mayer wrote:
>>>At 10:59 PM 9/26/2004, David L. Mills wrote:
>>>>At the moment on the campus wire, rackety is broadcasting but 
>>>>bridgeport is not receiving.
>>>I just took over bridgeport to see what was happening. It put it back. There
>>>are a number of problems:
>>>1) It's out of disk space so it can't write anything to disk.
>>>2) It's running an older build dated Sep 2 and not what you installed 
>>>3) It's not receiving broadcast packets at all from what I can tell. It 
>>>does show
>>>that it was enabled to receive broadcast packets. How often does a broadcast
>>>packet get sent? I only had a few minutes on which may not have been
>>>long enough. Are you sure rackety is sending broadcast packets?
>>>>  If albert is segfaulting somewhere in the address prettyprint routine 
>>>> and porkypine comes bum in that area, could there be a connection? The 
>>>> gdb bt got nowhere near the resolver library. Problem is, ntpq can't 
>>>> print addresses either. That may be a clue.
>>>We don't know what the problem is with albert except it was segfaulting when
>>>trying to get addresses. Harlan may have something to say here when he
>>>gets back. porkypine is, well, porkypine. Although it runs, everything I 
>>>to get an address back fails. This being an ancient box, I'm not sure how
>>>hard we should try. Every idea I had failed.
>>>>Both Linux mort and Freebie howland eventually resolved there 
>>>>differences with rackety autokey, but I don't know why it took several 
>>>>repeats of the signature request. Poor SunOS rackety might be running 
>>>>out of steam.
>>>That could be. Is it that overloaded? I'm not sure why it would require 
>>>tries unless the requests are timing out. Could that be what is happening?
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