[ntp:hackers] Weekend error report

mayer mayer at gis.net
Thu Oct 7 12:18:35 PDT 2004


It's beginning to look like as though Solaris doesn't like you!
Is baldwin authenticating against pogo for the broadcast packets?
As you know an authentication failure will cause ntpd to drop the
packets. I'll take a look at baldwin later tonight. I have a fix
for the broadcast server sendto problem which I'll put into my build
before I make it available.


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> Danny,
> We have dead soldiers here. Both grundoon and sister rackety SunOS
> have  expired, which means I can't clone one from the other. It looks
> like  SunOS is dead here. The radios are not working on pogo, so our
> stratum-1  service is kaput. However, I have configured pogo as a
> broadcaster on and verified the broadcasts are on the
> wire with tcpdump.  While Solaris bridgeport has sprung a disk, its
> sister baldwin is lit  with broadcast client. However, the broadcasts
> are not seen by ntpd.
> Dave

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