[ntp:hackers] MSFEES, PARSE, TRAK refclocks

Harlan Stenn stenn at www.ntp.org
Fri Oct 8 00:59:35 PDT 2004


> I've got local copies of the BK repositories. I assume I'd do the 
> changes locally, and send the BK patches for testing, right?

First, Frank Kardel has said he can still help.

I was going to set up a mail alias for the parse refclock maintainers
(you and Frank), and let the two of you share.  Is that OK with you?

We are still working on improving the "committer" areas of the twiki
(which is *MUCH* faster at its new home).

What works best is for:

- folks to test as they see fit at their site
- then push their BK changes to their account on pogo
- build on the "flock"
- tell me, and I pull the changes into the official repo

I also have access to some other build machines, and I can pull changes
there for additional testing if appropriate.

As we don't have access to any parse refclocks here, all I can do is
compile testing.

Oh, in addition to the email addresses and UDel login, we'd plan to list
you on the Contributors Page of the twiki at ntp.isc.org.  OK?


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