[ntp:hackers] Trimble Thunderbolt ntp driver

Jan Bergman jb at irfu.se
Fri Oct 8 12:05:52 PDT 2004


I'm in urgent need of a driver for the Trimble Thunderbolt GPS
disiplined clock. I read an old message from april this year from
Fernando P. Hauscarriaga that he had developed such a driver. I have
been in contact with Fernando but he hasn't replied for a while.
Therefore, because I'm in a hurry, I wonder if anybody else has a driver
for the Thunderbolt. If you would like to share your experiences of this
GPS or if you could hint on how to rewrite the Palisade driver, that is
also welcome. We use ntp-4.2 .

I sent this to the questions list before but maybe the hackers list is a 
better forum.

Jan Bergman
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala, Sweden jb at irfu dot se
Space Research Centre, Warsaw, Poland jb at cbk dot waw dot pl

Fernando's posting from 2004-04-18,

>>I developed a reflock driver for the Trimble Thunderbolt GPS 
>>clock, this driver is based on the Palisade driver, because of the
>>similarities, in most, of the packet structure (is the same). So the
>>server is in test mode now but you can query it, the ip adress is:
>>Im working now on it, so if u cant sincronize with it, dont worry, 
>>wait a
>>few minutes, and it will do it.
>>Thank you!
>>Fernando P. Hauscarriaga
>>Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia
>>elrond at iar.unlp.edu.ar

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