[ntp:hackers] Second weekend report

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Oct 9 11:28:30 PDT 2004

Danny, Harlan,

I spoke too soon. Autokey works in client/server mode for IPv4 and IPv6. 
For some reason IPv6 name resolution doesn't work for the backroom 
bunch, but does for the campus bunch. IPv4 broadcast/multicast doesn't 
work at all; the packets are on the wire but invisible to ntpd. IPv6 
broadcasts show up, but fail to checksum, probably because the 
transmitter did not have the interface address.

Host hepzibah running the same source as the other rascals on campus 
comes up fine with IPv6 chiming with pogo-ip6. But, a pe command from 
ntpq hangs forever. I'm too tired to go after that one.


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