[ntp:hackers] Weekend

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Oct 11 09:20:02 PDT 2004


Not quite. For twins baldwin and bridgeport (only), /usr/local is 
mounted from pogo. Any user on the twins, including root, can read 
/usr/local, but not write to it. So, when making keys on the twins, use 
/etc for the keys directory. The /etc directory is local to all machines 
and /usr/local is local to all machines except the twins.


Harlan Stenn wrote:

>The problem with the permission on the key file is that it is NFS-mounted
>from pogo and root does not have read permission for that (the root UID
>gets remapped to a new UID (probably "nobody") and that file is *only*
>readable by root.

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