[ntp:hackers] Broken things

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Oct 27 20:26:46 PDT 2004


This is on ntp-dev; I haven;t changed anything, especially not the I/O 
or crypto code.

Solaris deacon sends broadcast IPv4, multicast IPv4 and broadcast IPv6 
using autokey. FreBSD howland receives the IPv4 broadcasts correctly, 
but the checksum fails for the IPv6 messages. The reason for that is the 
interface code wrote the interface address rather than the broadcast 
address on the packet. None of the packets were processed because an 
error bit was lit. I'll check that later.

Solaris simply does not receive deacon's broadcasts at all. Apparently, 
some dude in Oz has configured his machine to send NTP broadcasts 
packets to, which of course explodes here. Note the 
interface code has written zeros on the Solaris machine, but wrote the 
interface address for that particular packet on the FreeBSD machine. 
Well, if that dude landed on Solaris, why didn't deacon's broadcasts land?


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