[ntp:hackers] A little cleaning and tos maxdist

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Feb 2 19:44:42 PST 2005


After discovering the situation reported on the newsgroup where 
misconfigured NTP had the Netgear disease, I put it through some 
wickedly broken configuration tests and found and fixed a few minor 
things in ntp-dev (not anything like the PPS oscillator).

1. If a notrust error and iburst are configured, the client did not back 
off the poll interval. It now does that under all circumstances where 
the reply is absent or corrupt.

2. An unresponsive server with iburst got hammered with eight messages 
every poll interval until the unreach counter reaches 12, then backs off 
sending only a single packet per burst. I changed that to send a burst 
only the first time after initial start or loss of reach.

3. By popular demand I put in "tos maxdist N", where N is the selection 
threshold, normally 1. Set N to 16 and the clock will be set upon first 
receiving a response from any server. Y'know, like SNTP.


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