[ntp:hackers] FreeBSD serial ports

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Feb 15 20:00:19 PST 2005


The values from the command line are set by newpeer() before the 
refclocks get ahold if it. It would be messy, to say the least, to do 
this during driver initialization.

As long as you are noodling the driver, may I request that you 
temporarily disable the driver PPS, crank up the atom driver and say 
"tos mindist .01"? That assumes the jitter is less than 10 ms. That 
works with some noisy clocks here and preserves the mitigation dances. 
If it does work, the individual driver PPS support can be discarded.


Mark Martinec wrote:

>Greg writes:
>>Are you saying that if the max and min poll values are initialized in
>>the driver, they overwrite any ntp.conf server options?
>So it appears.
>>If that's the 
>>case, then I don't want to upset that behavior.  I'll use the ntp.conf
>>method.  But, doesn't that violate the least astonishment principle?  It
>>would be nice to have the driver suggest baseline values and have the
>>user override them if desired.
>I very much second that. I had issues with hard-coded minpoll
>at the driver 29 (Trimble Palisade) so I had to keep a patch and
>reapply it for every ntp version upgrade.
>Finishing the process of cleaning up the driver29 (refclock_palisade)
>(after we replaced our Palisade with Acutime2000), having converted
>the driver to use the newly available one-second calls, I would be
>very much interested to get rid of the driver-overrides-minpoll behavior.
>  Mark

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