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Fri Feb 18 08:05:58 PST 2005

John Pettitt said:

>Harlan Stenn wrote:
>>I see no reason to lose the remote config stuff - it is mode7 and is
>I still question in-band config - it's just a security hole waiting to

Remote configuration is quite useful. I use it regularly and there are
a number of ntpd helper scripts in circulation which depend on remote

Remote configuration is not possible unless one of two conditions are

	1. The keys are are configured _and_ the person performing
	the remote configuration has the keys _and_ the originating
	IP address for the remote configuration has not been blocked
	with a "nomodify" restriction


	2. ntpd is started with '-A' to disable authentication (you
	will still be prompted for a keyID/password but any values
	are accepted

>Perhaps if there is a config from a url then in-band config could be
>limited to a "re-load" command that just causes the server to re-fetch
>it's out of-band config.

It seems to me that a complete configuration reload is tantamount to
restarting ntpd. This would cause a disruption of time service where
refclocks are involved. And 

>That would effectivly be "dial back" security which would help.

Unless hihacked by DNS spoofing or a MITM attack.

>> ntpd -c (get a conf file from a local
>> server)
>I like the remote via url config idea

This adds more complexity to ntpd. And it introduces a single point of

>>I'd also like to have the ability for ntpd to write its current config
>I'd also vote against programs writing to their config file, it's a bad
>idea that also potentialy opens security holes.

It may be useful to have ntpd dump the configuration file to STDOUT. But
doing so will add more complexity to ntpd.

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