[ntp:hackers] Clues on the rackety problem

mayer at gis.net mayer at gis.net
Fri Feb 18 10:14:40 PST 2005


Any thoughts on the refclock failures like on rackety and Steve's
CHU refclock?

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> Danny,
> All the builds on all the machines here are on the machine A.whatever 
> and the shared directory on pogo.
> Dave
> mayer at gis.net wrote:
> >Dave,
> >
> >I've seen a number of problems with clocks, including rackety, cipo's
> >and Steve's. I don't know what's going on and it's possible that it's
> >related to the changes that I made to the input_handler() code.
> >
> >I looked at barnstable but I don't know where you do your builds on
> >barnstable so I couldn't tell if something was wrong. 
> >
> >Danny
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> >
> >>Guys (Danny?),
> >>
> >>If I unplug the radio on rackety, start ntpd and plug it back in, it
> >>comes to life. If it is plugged in when started, the driver loops on
> a >>zero-length line. I suspect that for whatever reason the
> particular  >>serial port on rackety generates a spurious interrupt on
> >>initialization  if the carrier lead is up or something like that.
> I'm >>antsy to fix this,  as rackety is our public time server of
> record and >>it has lots of hungry  clients.
> >>
> >>Dave
> >>
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