[ntp:hackers] Re: Config file format

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec at ijs.si
Mon Feb 21 05:36:19 PST 2005

> Please show me how *allowing* a URL to specify how the conf file gets
> loaded is a hole.
> All I'm saying is that I have seen many places where this capability would
> be a major win.  I'm not telling people to use it, and I'm not going to
> force anybody to use it.

on a plus side: it can add flexibility for some installations;

on a minus side: it adds complexity. Some may remember that a
  popular command-line http/ftp client 'wget' is being plagued
  with security holes, being discovered one after another.
  Add SSL, and it all gets even worse.

If one is prepared to sacrifice a potential ability to HUP a daemon
and make it reload a config file, then perhaps a simple:

  ntpd -c -

(to read config from stdin) could offer as much flexibility
as one is prepared to put into his startup script.

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