[ntp:hackers] Re: Config file format

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Feb 21 12:08:41 PST 2005


I assume the ISC format is generic and used in multiple places. I assume 
it is phrase structured like samba and others and has a look and feel 
familiar to programmers. I assume it is table driven and readily 
interfaceable to the existing protocol modules. I am willing (anxious) 
to adapt the protocol modules to a more generic interface and to not 
have to do ugly casting for each data type.

What is your take on the interface between the configuration and 
protocol modules?


John Pettitt wrote:

>David L. Mills wrote:
>>Brian & Co.,
>>Can we do this in stages? I really and truly do want the configuration
>>mess to be cleaned up so valuable features like Manycast server
>>discovery can be implemented. I see real problems with the
>>configuration interface to the various modules in the system,
>>asynchronous DNS and so forth. Security is really simple. No remote
>>configuration for now. No HTTP for now. Can we get this ship moving?
>So if we forget how the config gets to the daemon for a moment and look
>at the file format - what's the collective wisdom on my suggestion to
>use the same syntax as isc dhcpd?  

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