[ntp:hackers] Freebie

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Feb 22 08:23:14 PST 2005


Actually no. Some files are owned by Harlan, others by me; however, you 
are a member of dlmgroup and all files are group-writeable, so you 
should be able to do just about anything you need.

On the broadcast problem. My code expects never to see broad/multicast 
from the wildcard interface. I took great pains to make sure an explicit 
unicast interface was available for the response. Also, the dstadr of precludes autokey authentication. That's why the nonsense 
looking for the broadcast address near line 3265. I don't know what the 
SOCKNUL does, but the address returned is all zero, not the expected 
broadcast address.


Danny Mayer wrote:

> Dave,
> I can't as you own the directories and files.
> Danny
> At 12:43 PM 2/19/2005, David L. Mills wrote:
>> Danny,
>> I never use the flock build scripts. I do each separately from each 
>> machine. Login barnstable, change to /pogo/dist/ntp4/A.barnstable and 
>> make. The scripts you see are Harlan's.
>> Dave

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