[ntp:hackers] Joy of ACTS, but some sorrow otherwise

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Feb 25 13:54:46 PST 2005


The ACTS driver had a number of evil behaviors when confronted with 
configuration errors, like no modem, broken modem and various procedure 
errors. It has been largely rewritten and tested for ACTS, USNO and WWVB 
with all the broken situations I can concoct.


I read somewhere that you said the input_handler bug has been fixed, but 
I can't confirm that in the ntp-dev branch here. I took out the "clock 
read" error comment, so at least malarky has joy of modem. Neither 
rackety nor clone mort have joy of the radio clocks. Both consume 
prodigious volumes of CPU cycles; mort actually can read the clock, but 
rackety cannot. The input_handler bug (if that's what it is) and various 
multicast bugs continue to haunt here.


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