[ntp:hackers] Port locking

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Feb 26 12:14:32 PST 2005

Harlan & Co.,

Port locking is now working for the ACTS driver, but there are some 
rough spots I would like to smooth. First is where the locks directory 
is on various systems: /var/spool/lock in FreeBSD, /var/spool/locks in 
Solaris and /var/lock in Linux. This looks like an autoconfigure issue. 
I need a string like LOCKFILE to define the locks directory in 

Second is the device name convention: cuaa%d in FreeBSD and cua%d in 
Solaris. Apparently, the lock file name convention varies. One man page 
suggests lock.<inode>; tip uses LK.n.m.0, where n and m may be device 
nodes; the existing code in refclock_acts.c (not built by me) uses the 
device name, which changes between systems.

Anybody have advice on these things? The intent of port locking in the 
first place is to avoid conflict with UUCP or other dial-out program, so 
surely somebody has thought about these issues before.


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