[ntp:hackers] Joy of ACTS, but some sorrow otherwise

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sat Feb 26 17:14:51 PST 2005


I borrowed rackety for a while this afternoon and I see absolutely nothing
wrong with the input_handler() code. I did do some cleanup and other changes
and I will do a little more tonight/tomorrow. The SPECTRACOM does
not come up. I see an fd gets used but I never see it signal that it has
data to transmit so I can only assume that there's something wrong either
in the driver or the hardware itself.

I looked at mort and it seems to be running fine with the last integrated
changed I made (though it looks like MAXZEROREADS is still set to 20).
So I don't think that there's anything wrong with the input_handler() code
unless you can show me otherwise in which case I'd probably like to
borrow mort for a short while. I checked the flock and I can see that,
for example, bridgeport is running fine as a multicast client. Which ones
are mcast clients that are not working?


At 04:54 PM 2/25/2005, David L. Mills wrote:
>I read somewhere that you said the input_handler bug has been fixed, but I 
>can't confirm that in the ntp-dev branch here. I took out the "clock read" 
>error comment, so at least malarky has joy of modem. Neither rackety nor 
>clone mort have joy of the radio clocks. Both consume prodigious volumes 
>of CPU cycles; mort actually can read the clock, but rackety cannot. The 
>input_handler bug (if that's what it is) and various multicast bugs 
>continue to haunt here.

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