[ntp:hackers] Joy of ACTS, but some sorrow otherwise

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Feb 26 19:33:16 PST 2005


While I find out what is going bozo on pogo, I have set up malarky to 
mulitcast the same configuration as pogo. You should note that, like 
mort, malarky is running the ACTS daemon with no problems; however, the 
serial ports are connected to different sources.


Danny Mayer wrote:

> At 09:06 PM 2/26/2005, David L. Mills wrote:
>> Danny,
>> Host rackety has used some 192 minutes of CPU cycles in less than a 
>> day. Before I axed out the error comment in ntp_io.c, an attempt to 
>> read the clock resulted in a continuous scroll of error messaged. The 
>> WWVB driver on rackety is identical to the one on pogo, which runs as 
>> expected.
>> To see the evidence, start the daemon with -d -d and watch the trace.
> So why don't I see the dial string on rackety when I do this? I have a 
> very large
> log file from this afternoon on rackety. There is no evidence that beyond
> opening a file decriptor that it knew what to do. That's why I wondered
> about broken hardware. Isn't it identical to mort's config?
>> The problem is not just a multicast client, it's an Autokey 
>> multicast/broadcast client. I've described the problem in detail a 
>> number of times recently. If you wish, I will describe it again.
> That's what bridgeport is using. It works fine as a multicast IPv4 
> client.
> Danny

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